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Dong'e Shandong steel ball Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, the main production and sales of steel ball and roller, the size of China's ten largest steel ball enterprises, China bearing association perennial governing units, the Chinese steel ball and bearing standard development participants, China Bearing Industry Association as the national steel ball production base, the company scale, production, quality and efficiency are among the forefront of the country. Company is the only domestic bearing industry, fine steel ball certification enterprises, the company's "brand name" for the steel ball industry only identified as "China's well-known trademarks". At the end of 2013, the company's total assets of 760000000, in 2013 the annual sales income of nearly 8 hundred million. Consists of five independent subsidiaries: Shandong Donge Steel Ball Co., Ltd., Dong'e seagull Steel Ball Co., Ltd., Shandong Donge seagull rolling Co., Ltd, Shandong Donge seagull wire drawing Co., Ltd., Shandong Dong'e macro Crystal Technology Co., Ltd..

The company has multi station high speed cold heading, BRANKAMP online detection system, Siemens continuous roller furnace intelligent heat treatment and intelligent strengthening production line, cycle light grinding research and other special processing equipment more than 2600 sets; with SKF should force tester, direct reading spectrometer, photoelectric surface instrument, such as product testing equipment more than 360 sets, including precision steel ball detection instrument is worth more than 6000 million yuan. The production equipment and testing equipment on behalf of the domestic industry the highest level, and customers of the company, the world famous Bearing Companies in Sweden SKF, Japan NTN, TRW, recognized to achieve world-class level. In today's rapid development of the times, capacity and the level of independent innovation of enterprises has become the determinants of the rise and fall of, the competition between enterprises has become the competition of the innovation ability and the innovation and change is enterprises only constant theme. Enterprise attaches great importance to scientific and technological progress and innovation, take the road of development, investment about 30000000 yuan, a new research building. Shandong province has undertaken independent innovation projects, the province of technology innovation projects and industry projects, the core technology has independent intellectual property rights.

Products are mainly used in household electrical appliances bearings, automotive bearings, motor bearings, CNC machine tools and other fields. Products marketing network all over the country, the company actively develop the international market, the current products have been exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, South Korea, Italy, Iran and other countries.

According to the group's implementation of the two venture, three years doubled the strategic plan, the group and the domestic bearing industry the most authoritative research institutions - Luoyang Bearing Research Institute of steel ball industry park project, the project is to build ten billion Dong'e County high end equipment manufacturing industry important support. Shandong Provincial People's government as a strategic emerging industry projects. The total investment of the project is 2000000000 yuan, the total construction area is 700 square meters, the total construction area is 260000 square meters.

The project covers an area of 360 acres, positioning the domestic and foreign high-end market, the construction of third generation car wheel bearings, CNC machine tools, ultra precision medical equipment spindle bearing special steel ball industrialization projects, and the construction of national level rolling body R & D center, pilot base, Shandong bearing testing center and other public R & D platform and service platform.

Two phase 340 acres of planning, construction of wind power generation unit bearings, rail transportation bearings, bearings, civil aviation special steel ball industrialization projects, while the construction of precision roller and precision bearing project, and the construction of the international first-class steel ball exhibition and logistics center.

After the completion of the project is expected to achieve annual sales income of 2800000000 yuan, profits and taxes 380000000 yuan, the East Steel Group steel ball production capacity reached 27000000000, its output, quality and efficiency are ranked first in Asia, the production capacity reached 300000000, can fill the gaps in our country can not mass production I grade roller, precision bearings 80000000 sets, Dong'e as the national steel ball production base position will be more stable.


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